L.A. Cline & L.A.C. Fine Art
Master Pastel Artist
L.A. Cline, Master Pastel Artist, & the collection L.A.C. Fine Art depicts the sophistication and timeless beauty found within nature, people and places.
1201 N. Federal Hwy. #4104
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Original Pastel Paintings by Master Pastel Artist L.A. CLINE


The L.A.C. Fine Art Mission Statement

Our Mission

International, Master Pastel Artist, L.A. CLINE is well-known for the Pastel Masterpieces that visually interpret natural beauty, be it the beauty of wildlife, the human form or the world around us. It is all about inviting everyone to experience the joy of L.A.C. Fine Art.

With more than 30 years of experience, L.A. CLINE has mastered the skill of capturing the essence of a moment in fine detail and delivering pastel masterpieces. The art of L.A. CLINE strums the heart strings, with a commissioned painting or a work of art from the varied subject matter in the Special Collections in the Fine Art Store. L.A.C. Fine Art reflects the legacy of the world we live in, surviving us all to tell the stories of our time to future generations.

Our Vision

The L.A.C. Fine Art Store offers fine art Giclee reproductions, home decor and collectible items from the exclusive collections created by L.A. CLINE. The artist oversees the Giclee process, and then personally enhances each piece with pastel by hand, stroke by stroke. This artistic embellishment is a labor of love, instilling each fine art print with one-of-a-kind value, since no two are exactly the same.

Our Values

Pursue excellence and the highest ethical standards in all we undertake to create extraordinary and cherished works of art for our clients.